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Monday, March 08, 2010

Knockout Challenge on Okto

Received an email from Hoods Inc. yesterday that it will be broadcasted on 8th March 2010, 8:30pm.
Oh! 1 week earlier!

My daughter was so excited when I told her the first part of the shooting was done at Little Skool House. She keeps asking me when was that. Hahaha.....
Anyway, looking at the video, so many hours of shooting, reduced to about 12 minutes clip. Not an easy job.

If I remembered correctly, this should be the fifth shooting.

First one was around 1995 on 早安您好 on Channel 8.
Second was with an overesea company hosted by 钟琴 Kym Ng (1996?), who wasn't with TCS at that time.
These 2 videos are recorded on those analog tapes, which I can't find them now.:(

Third one was 创业无敌手2 - The Mission II (24th Jan 2003) on Channel 8. Think I missed the broadcast. Left photos only.

Fourth one was on 城人杂志2 - CityBeat 2 (20th Jan 2005) on Channel 8. Recorded the video on harddisk. Surprisingly, this was gone too. Where has it gone to? :D Now, left photos too.

The fifth one and lastest one, I must upload to Youtube before it is gone again.
Need to be more organised from now on, as this blog will be a good memory for me when I get older.

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