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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caricature for Detpak

Client's brief:-

We have plan to get a retirement memento for a colleague of our. Would like to check if possible to get it done by next Friday (26th March)

We are in the F&B paper packaging company & Richard been with us for a long time & have been taking care one of our key client - McDonald’s account since started work 30 yrs ago. At such, the theme will be very much be the classic yellow & red McDonald background with Richard wearing similar color theme, perhaps lying leisurely on a hemlock basking in his retirement.....

A guideline:-

1) Subject - Richard sitting on the sandy beach (enjoying his retirement)
2) Cloth - Yellow shirt + white & red strip bemudas + red big boot (McDonald theme clothing – belly exposed!)
3) BEER + Hamburger + fries etc. Value meal change drink to Beer! (see attached sample)
4) Background – McDonald restaurant with the big signature ‘M” "

Caricature for Detpak - hammock Mcdonald's

Client's response, upon receiving this artwork:-
"Oh, it's quite cool!...... It looks absolutely like him!"

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