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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Caricature theme - riding down the hill

Client's brief:-

"Hi Jit,

I myself liked your caricatures very much. I was wondering whether you would be able to make two small caricatures for me? They would be a gift for my Father and Grandfather - both have birthdays at around the same time. Each one would have only 1 person, so two people in total plus one dog on one of the pictures....

1) My father on a bike:
He loves riding a bike, so I want to show him sitting on a bike and going fast down the hill, smiling/laughing and enjoying the ride. He should wear green shorts with white stripes and yellow short-sleeved t-shirt. He also loves playing tennis so if you could put a tennis racket somewhere, maybe in a backpack or wherever you think it's good, maybe a 1-2 tennis balls somewhere as well. At the back is our dog, which my father spends lots of time with. You should show her as if she also was happy to be riding fast down the hill. It will be my father's 60th birthday, so if you could put number "60' somewhere, that would be great. You can make additional things to make the picture look funny."

Cyclist caricature cycling down the hill A4

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