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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Caricature theme - Dad cooking

Client's brief:-
"I would like a caricature done for my dearest Dad who is turning 60 in May.

Would like to leave it to you whether it should be ink or ink with marker, etc.
Like something that has a vibrant effect.. =)
Do give me some advice.

My dad loves to cook, and enjoys food A LOT!
So the caricature needs to have a food galore...
And he is very much a family man, so lots of hearts and probably sync it with like a "home".
He is also funny, loves to tell jokes. Don't know how that can be expressed in photo though.
Oh, and he loves to rear fishes.
And also include the IR picture, he kinda likes casino too.. hee hee!"

Caricature of Dad who loves food and cooking

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