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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caricature theme - couple @ Singapore Polytechnic

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

Finally made up my mind. I would like to place an order for Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body for couple.

The following are details I would like to have in my caricature:
For Boy:
School uniform
- long pants, white shirt and with tie (see picA attached)
- with a ‘Singapore Poly school badge’
For Girl:
School uniform
- pinafore-slightly above knee level & "girly" white blouse (see picB and B(1)attached)
- 2 plaits hairstyle with fringe (like my original self)
- without tie
- with a ‘Singapore Poly school badge’
- with ear-stud
- with socks (not too long, normal length will do) & shoes as in picB

Theme / Backgrnd: S’pore Poly building (the place where we 1st met)

The picture to be in portrait. We would like a "cute couple" image.
School uniform will be white shirt and blue (not too dark blue) pants, pinafore.
The face to be proportionate to the size of the body and the color of face not too dark (not like indian) just fair skin. Both of us are slim built.
I also want to make the painting in a stamp."

Couple caricatures @ Singapore Polytechnics A3
Couple caricatures @ Singapore Polytechnics on rubber stamp - 2
Caricatures printed on sky blue rubber stamp.
The client doesn't need the ink refill.
From what the supplier told me, without refill, the ink stamp can use for about 100 times.
One bottle of ink refill can last you about 17-18 times of refills, for your reference, i.e., about 1700-1800 stamps.
(Available colour choices are Black, Brown, Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Green and Purple.)

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