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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caricature theme - Farewell to Chocolate industry

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I love your work and hope you can complete this caricature for one of our colleagues who is leaving us after nearly 2 years with the company. This will be a farewell gift to her…I am looking at a coloured caricature with theme like the one you did here…

The backdrop should have a blue sky with her driving a car. She is currently dabbling in photography and she should be holding an SLR camera in the caricature with some nice scenery outside the car. She has a dog which looks really like a pig with its pink and big nose (please see attached photo), This dog (with emphasis on the pink nose) can be in the back passenger seat with looking really happy out of the window. Finally, the car should be filled with chocolates such as Toblerone, M&M's, Hershey's etc... since we are in the chocolate trade…you can maybe show them bursting out of the car boot or some falling out of the car…leaving a trail of chocs behind…well after all, she is leaving the choc industry at least for now!..."

lady caricature in car farewell to chocolate industry A3
Client's response:-

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