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Sunday, March 07, 2010

More drawings on my iphone

Getting more and more 'addicted' to drawing on iPhone, though I can do a better job using Painter or Photoshop.
I wanted to see how exciting can it get, in terms of drawing.
Also, I wanted to explore if I can come out with any new products for my company - Portrait Workshop..... Right now, more on the drawing parts....... target audience? Facebook avatar? Not sure yet. Quite time consuming at this stage.
Drawing Tiger Woods caricature with iPhone
More on Tiger Woods.....

Incomplete Obama caricature drawing with iPhone
Incomplete Obama....

Drawing Angelina Jolie caricature with iPhone
Angelina Jolie.... I might scare my potential lady clients away with this caricature..... :D

Drawing Arnold Schwarzenegger caricature with iPhone
Arnold Schwarzenegger ..... More refined now, I think.
May need to buy another drawing app to further fine-tune it and the rest of the artworks coming up.....

Explore explore explore ...... It is always very exciting, especially when there is no commission involved. I can do anything I want.:)

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