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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shooting for Knockout

Did a shooting with Hoods for the Knockout, which will be telecasted on Mediacorp's Okto Channel sometime around 15th March 2010, 8:30pm.

"KNOCKOUT is a brand new high energy series that aims to make the arts and creative fields accessible to the new generation. Starring our two adult hosts (Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis) and two Generation Z hosts (Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong), the series will feature "it's OK TO be creative" sketches, primate puppets (OoBoo & BooBoo) who will guide you in a "how to" segment, plus our cat and dog puppets (Arty & Farty) giving you all the arts events you must not miss, the series is filled with segments that will be as entertaining as it is educational.

The main staple of KNOCKOUT is the reality show styled BATTLE OF THE GENERATIONS. Here, our four hosts learn a new arts skill every week, then compete against each other to see which generation is better at the art form (featuring a wide range of creative arenas, from classical ballet to martial arts to caricature, architecture, fashion and cultural pursuits) to further to reinforce (or dispel) age biases as they attempt to out-wit, out-work and out-art each other.

KNOCKOUT telecasts from 1st February to 19th July 2010 on MediaCorp's okto.

Just to give you a rough idea, here’s the flow of how it will be carried out:
- Interview with artist (we will provide you with the list of questions before the shoot)
- Artist teaches hosts the basics techniques fo caricature (we’ll need to trouble you for the steps that will be involved in the learning process/ how you would like to carry out the mentorship)
- Hosts practice the art form
- Hosts battle it out and artist/judges comment and pick a winner

This segment usually requires about 3 to 4 hours of shoot. We are currently planning to schedule the shoot on 9 Jan 2010. Do feel free to share with us your thoughts and let us know what’s best and we’ll try our best to work around it."

Jit Leong on Otto Knockout with Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis - 0
I was told to bring some of my artworks for display in the background.
Brought my 'kacang' along, with my trolley which I used in my early days in Clarke Quay.

Jit Leong on Otto Knockout with Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis -1
The shooting was done at Schoolhouse By The Bay @ Katong C.C.
Initially, they suggested to do it at my studio.
But it is just too small too squeeze in so many people (about 13 - 14 people).

Jit Leong on Otto Knockout with Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis
The shooting of the hosts at the playground outside the studio.

Doodling of Mr Bean Michael Jackson Phua Chu Kang Lydia Sum Jackie Chan
I doodled these caricatures last night (Annabelle did one Michael Jackson on this paper during the shooting interval.), thinking of what's the best and yet easiest way to teach these hosts who have only limited drawing skills. What to look out for, what unique features to capture.... It is easy for me, but not for them. It is easy to draw a smiling face in cartoon form, but not easy to draw a smiling face of someone in caricature form with resemblance, even for someone who has basic drawing skills. Headche.....

Mr Bean caricature in pencil
I did a fast sketch of Mr Bean caricature before the shooting, while they are setting up.

Mr Bean caricature in black marker quick sketch
Another one in black marker.
This is to let them choose what medium the hosts want to use during the shooting.
Mr Bean caricature demo - when everything goes wrong
This one was done upon the requests of the director- when you failed to capture the essence of that person, in this case - Mr Bean. When one goes wrong, everything will go wrong too. It will affect your mood for the rest of the drawing.

Mr Bean caricature in pencil demo 2
The hosts chose the pencil medium. I handhold them during the sketching process. They followed step by step. I have to simplify and lower to their level (sorry) so that they can get it easier. End up, this Mr Bean caricature looked rather out, to me. Hahaha......
This was done during the shooting with two adult hosts, Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis.
Took quite some time.

Mr Bean caricature in pencil demo 1
Thus, they requested me to speed up the process when shooting with two Generation Z hosts, Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong.

Jit Leong on Otto Knockout with Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis - 3
Photos taken with Nigel Chew, Jermaine Leong, Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis (From left to right)
Jit Leong on Otto Knockout with Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis - 4
There will be 2 more shootings, whereby I need to be present for the ending bit.
Sweat... Was rather nervous when they requested me to speak in front of the camera. Not my forte at all. Hahahah.....

"Hi Jit,

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU for the support in yesterday’s shoot. Hope you had as much fun as we did.:)

Once again, thank you for your time and support.

Have a great week ahead!

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