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Friday, March 05, 2010

Caricature theme - @ vineyard

Second brief:-
"....2) My grandfather in a vineyard:
My grandfather will be 80, so if you could put number 80 somewhere. He originally comes from a region where people grow wine - please draw vineyards behind him as you can see in the draft. My grandfather should be wearing typical local red pants and white long-sleeved shirt, should be holding a glass of red wine and you should portray him as if he was singing loud. There should be a wine barrel somewhere next to him and a typical vineyard cottage in the background. You can show additional wine barrels inside the cottage. Please write " NECHORSKY SKLIPEK" somewhere on the cottage in some nice and old-looking font style.
I attached several pictures for you to see how the cottage, grandfathers clothes, barrel and the vineyard should look like"

Caricature @ Vineyard A4
The client wanted to download the softcopies from my server. Thus, I scanned them in digitally and uploaded them, providing the link for her to download on her side.

Client's feedback:-
"Hi Jit,

I finally had a bit of time yesterday night and looked at the two caricatures.

Thank you so much, they are really amazing! I added a personalized message and had them framed and I'm sure my family will like them very much. You're great :)

Thank you!

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