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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs & Temasek Holdings

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,

I am in charge of putting together a caricature as a small gift for our client. My colleague in Hong Kong, Hui Ling Poon, told me about your drawing skills and highly recommended you for the job. I saw some of your past cartoons and liked them a lot.....

The caricature will be just one page (not a story) and the situation you should be trying to portray is basically an all-women team, hardworking, serious, very focused.
We don't have any particular theme/setting in mind, so we leave it to your imagination. It would be nice if it was a bit funny in some way, but not too much - i.e., it should please the client, possibly ellicit some smiles, but not make fun of them.

The main person of those 9 is Leong Wai Leng, so if you could somehow make that apparent.....the caricature will be a gift to the client for the occasion of closing of a transaction...

if you could somehow draw a theme depicted as "building a curve". It is a financial term and the curve basically means a line in a financial chart - if you could think of a theme that resembles that and the team of women symbolically 'building' the curve somehow, that would be perfect."

group lady caricatures for Morgan Stanley - draft 1
Building a curve??!! I can't find any relevant financial curve online.
Upon discussion with the client, she suggested a literal curve.
I proposed a curve table, with 2 axis - vertical and horizontal.

Her feedback:-
"here is the brief summary of our comments on the first draft:

1. Please show Lena Chia with lots of documents/files in front of her (she's the legal person taking care of all the docs)

2. Show two markers on the curve for "10year" and "30year"

3. Make the curve upward sloping

4. Add 3 neutral figures with identical clothes and faces building the curve with their hands and worker tools. The figures should have a tag on their back, one saying "MS", second one "DB", and third one saying "GS"

5. Add an empty text bubble coming from Lena - we will add a particular phrase later"

group lady caricatures for Morgan Stanley - draft 2
Another draft:-

Her feedback:-
"We have a few last comments to the layout:

1. Please add a text bubble to Wai Leng
2. Please make the 3 DB, MS, GS figures smaller, maybe 50% of current size, and spread out along the curve, not clustered together
3. There are more files in front of Lena Chia now, which is good, but half of them look like as if they were in front of the person next to her, not exactly in front of her -> please shift them a bit so that a big pile of files is in front of Lena Chia
4. Move the 10year and 30year away from the beginning- and end-points of the curve towards the middle part of the curve
5. Please take out the boxes/houses in the background. Maybe we could have some graphical representation of the Temasek Holdings logo or just have a neutral background
6. Let's try to make the curve look a bit less like a table by reducing the "height" of the table (=make the curve less thick)
7. Please, make the 10year and 30year into the form of a table name tag or a small flag with the 10year/30year inscription instead of just "10years/30years" words floating there
8. Lastly, please note the following "sitting order" of the people: Middle front - Wai Leng (you currently have it correctly done). On the left side of the picture, please put Lena Chia, Theodora, Joanne and Jamie, starting with Lena Chia closest to Wai Leng, Jamie furthest on the left. On the right side of the picture, please have Alyssa right next to Wai Leng, then Grace, Hui Min and Bey Fen as the last one on the right. All people sitting, only Wai Leng standing in front. Basically, Lena Chia and Alyssa are two key people (right after Wai Leng), so we want to put them next to Wai Leng to make them more visible. "

group lady caricatures for Morgan Stanley - draft 3
Last draft.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley (Temasek Holdings) pencil; sketch
The client added in a guy when was doing the pencil sketch.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley (Temasek Holdings) progress
Adding in the colours to the inked caricatures.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley (Temasek Holdings) A4

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley (Temasek Holdings) A4 - (add-on)
The client requested to add in another lady, when everything was done. Thank goodness there's still space left.

Her reaction upon seeing this caricature:-

Subsequent email from her:-
"Hi Jit,

I wanted to thank you for the caricature you made. We gave it to the client yesterday and everyone was very pleased. Their whole team kept looking at it for a long time talking about how well it is done :)
So, thank you!"

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