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Friday, March 06, 2009

Caricature theme - Cowboy + cigar + chef

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
Its me, Joyce again. As spoken, Below are the details of the drawing:
Picture type - Colored Caricature with background
Need by Date - 1st Mar 09

The Story
1) There will be 3 faces in the drawing ( See attached picture # 3290.jpg ) : Father, Mother and Son.

2) The Father ( extreme right of #3290.jpg) :

- Pls show him as wearing a cowboy outfit and dancing.
- Also, he will be playing computer at the same time.
- The computer screen to display the words: "YOUTUBE"
- Pls label the Father as " THE LEGEND "

3) The Mother ( extreme left of #3290.jpg):

- Pls show her as in the midst of cooking. ( Cooking a nice big chicken... )
- The Mother will be wearing an apron.
- Pls label the Mother as " MOM "

4) The Son ( Centre of #3290.jpg", pls use #3218 as the main guide for the Son as we want to show him WITHOUT SPECTACLES )

- Pls show him as smoking a BIG CIGAR.
- Pls label the Son as " LEGEND JUNIOR "
- Jit, you should be pretty familiar with The Son as you have done a caricature of him in Oct '08. The drawing is very good...if you can draw the Son similiar to what you drew last time...will be great!

The Background

Pls show a nice blue background of the sea. As if they are on a cruise ship, with the oceans drifting by. This blue sea background is very significant, really hope that this part can be done.....

....Sorry. Just a little changes with the wordings...Pls see below in RED. ( The Father's label to change to " I'm Legend " instead of " The Legend". )

..... Pls do remember the Labels for each - I'm Legend ( for Father ) / Legend Junior ( for Son ) and Mom for ( Mother ) and the rest of the stuff we described......

Hope to see your masterpiece once again!!!!"

family caricatures Cowboy Cigar and mum cooking
This was not an easy job, to piece everything together, and look interesting.
Can't think of a better common setting for them.
Since the client requested for a cruise, I might as well use it.

I have drawn the 'son' last October.
Thus quite familiar with his face.
Easy-to-draw cum unique features.
And I was rather surprised to see him (and the client - Joyce) coming to collect the drawing personally.
So this is a gift for his parents, I see.

"Oh so cute! Nice!", said the client.

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