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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caricature theme - couple @ beach

Client's brief:-
"As for hobbies... Em..
He is a BearBrick Collector and he like scenery near the sea?
and um.. i like flowers, shopping and thrill rides?

is the above information sufficient??
cus both of us also dun really have much hobbies.
i just like to have something really pretty and stunning for the 1 year anniversary theme(:

Attached is one pic of how a Bearbrick looks like and i've also attached 2 pics of me and him.
Thanks alot!"

Couple caricatures at beach
Another beach theme.
Seems like the young couples love beach nowadays. :)))
Put them sitting on a reclining coconut tree trunk, bare-footed, feet in the water.
I used to draw this theme, but not in my portfolio online.
Added into my "collections" now.

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