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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caricatures for Yamaha

Urgent job - few days delivery with frames.

Client's brief"-
"Idea for portrait for Shibata: It is a farewell gift for him. He is a walking enthusiast.
1) He is walking in a brisk pace. Please show he is sweating all over.
2) He is walking away with merlion, clouds, aeroplane in background. (I just want to vary the objects with the other piece)
3) Can you write the word "YAMAHA" on the polo-T-shirt he is wearing
4) He is also wearing a pedometer on his waist (because he is very conscious of how far he has walked) "
Caricature for Yamaha pace walking

"Idea for portrait for Hagiwara: It is a farewell gift for him.
1) He is on a boat leaving Singapore with merlion, clouds and fishes on the singapore river
2) Can you write the word "YAMAHA" on the boat engine which is located at the back of the boat "
Caricature for Yamaha on boat

"Idea for portrait for Igarashi: It is a farewell gift for him.
1) He is on a motorbike leaving Singapore with merlion, clouds, birds, trees in background
2) As it is a caricature, maybe you can draw a big body riding on a small bike. Preferably, if the riding posture
is inclined, it will show that he is cornering fast.
3) Can you write the word "YAMAHA" on the bike
4) Of course, he is riding without helmet "

Caricature for Yamaha on bike
The client wanted a Merlion in every drawing.
I tried to give a different expression for each of the Merlion.
Not so boring, at least.

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