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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caricature theme - multi-tasker

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I understand from my friend that you are currently away in Malaysia but I wonder if you could help me with a simple work - Caricature in black and white marker) with a body. This lady is multi-tasker.

Thank you for your reply and kind help during your holiday. Truly appreciates it......

Caricature in ink (b/w) with theme - with background & body A few pointers that I hope you can take note of:
1. her hair - there is a strain of hair infront of her face, please leave it out.
2. this lady is a multi-tasker, she owns her own childcare, a choir director in a church, a mommy, a wife, a piano teacher, teaches vocals, can we have a background that resemblances these things? I have thought of her selecting clothings.. like holding a chamber maid costume on one hand and another is an apron/others but yet maintaining her SMILE.. but I am sure you have a better concept :) 3. She have a very curvy body and loves to wear platform.. (not to over emphasize on her bust.... maybe a little black dress with tastful looking platform?

Caricature in ink of a multi-tasker
The client called me a few times while I was in Malaysia.
Initially told her no colour markers (I didn't bring them along)- can't do it.
She said b/w is fine.

Then I told her won't be back in time to pass the hardcopy to her.
She said can give her the softcopy, as she only needs it for printing on a mug(?) - {can't remember}

I have no scanner with me. Using dial-up.
How to do it? How to upload the high resolution softcopy? Cracking my head to think of a way.
Since she was so keen in getting it done (She told me she has sourced around, and decided to come back to me - thanks:))), I got to do it for her.

I used my Nikon D80 to take a RAW format of the original artwork.
It was about A4 size, 300dpi, 10.2MP.
Touch it up digitally to a level taht is comparable to a high resolution scan.

Thank goodness that I met my cousin, who has a mobile broadband.
Though it is 384kbps, it is good enough for me to send over to the client.

I only picked a few from the requests she gave.
Kids (from child care) singing, she's conducting, with apron.

The client subsequently dropped me an email, after receiving the artwork about 1 day earlier.
"Hi Jit,

Many thanks.. it looked great! You are truly amazing!
have a safe trip back to singapore!

Crystal "

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