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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caricature theme - Arsenal soccer player

One last caricature, before I go for my holiday.

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit Leong,

I came across your website and gave you a call early this week. I LOVE your work! I would like to order one themed caricature as a birthday gift for a friend.

• soccer theme caricature with colour in Arsenal jersey
• appearance:- perfectly tailored side burns, 'Pires-like' goatee, perfect set of teeth, preferably bald
• obsessed with his biceps! (can you exaggerate the biceps, please)"

Arsenal soccer caricature
The bald head, ear, mouth and chin were all partially blocked in the photo provided.
Thus, I got to use my imagination on these parts.
To show biceps with a long sleeve jersey put on, only way was to roll the sleeve up.:)))
I was away when the client collected the caricature (from my sister).

She dropped me an email that evening, which made my day too.:)))
"Dear Jit,

Oh my!!! The caricature is superb! It looks even better than how I imagined it! My friend LOVE it tremendously, it truly made his day! Thank You so much!!! :)


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