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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on Norwegian Gem Cruise

Client's brief:-
"My fiance and I deeply admire your work and would love for you to create one of your works of art for our wedding. We are not planning on taking any professional photos so your masterpiece will be the main portrait greeting our guests as they enter our banquet.

I am enclosing a handful of photographs of my fiance and I as I do not know which would suit you best for the drawing.

Groom - In black suit with aqua/turquoise colored tie
Bride - White wedding dress / hair pulled back with veil on the bottom of bun. Orange callalilies bouquet.
We're getting married aboard the Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship so I'd like to have us on the front of the boat as the boat is coming out from under the Brooklyn Bridge during the day time. Bottom corner of the portrait if you could put "April 6th, 2009" this will be our wedding date.

....The two items I would like to have in the picture is the Norwegian Gem cruise ship and the Brooklyn Bridge. Any other New York City buildings or extras to fill in the portrait, I leave up to you. I've included pictures of the cruise ship as well as the brooklyn bridge. ..... Please excuse the amateur drawing but I've attached a drawing of what we are looking for in the caricature drawing. Of course, the cruise ship and bridge will be a lot smaller since the main focus will be our two faces. As you can see, the bridge is diagonal and the Norwegian Gem boat is only a quarter of the boat coming out from under the bridge. Then there's some NYC sky scrapers in the background. If you can add the little king kong it would be fun to have but again I leave it up to you for your professional judgement. "

Wedding couple caricatures on Norwegian Gem A4
As usual, it is not a painful job for me to draw faces.
If you have been following my blog, at your first glance, you should know the cruise is the worst part for me.
The amount of time I took to draw it, equals to the amount of time I needed to draw 4-5 faces.
Besides the windows, the decal on the cruise took me the longest time, as I need to get it as close as possible to the cruise photo provided.

The outcome turned out to be satisfactory, and feedback was rewardful:-
Email from the client:-

The picture came out wonderful. My fiance and I can't wait to display it at our wedding.....

Thank You
Patty Cheung"

It is now safe to ship out the drawing to the clients in United States.:)))

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