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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caricature for Kelly Services

Client's brief:-
".....we need a caricature to be done by Tuesday, 31 March, the brief of which is as follows:
• Please draw the person (photos attached) piloting an airplane (sleek/modern plane) over the map of Asia Pacific (including China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand). The image of the map (in 3D, may be?) should be interesting and vibrant.
• He should be wearing a pilot hat, a picture of which is as appended for your creative modifications.
• Wordings to be included:
- at the top:
Happy Birthday, Captain Dhiren!
- at the bottom:
From your APAC Team

pilot caricature for Kelly Services
Initially, I intended to draw in the landmarks of the different countries.
After sketching out in pencil, they are too small to be seen.
Knowing that they won't turned out good, I decided not to put them in.
They could just spoil the final result.

SMS from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
Thanks for the caricature. My boss loves it!

Regards, Catherine"

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