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Monday, March 23, 2009

Caricature for IE Singapore

Caricature for IE Singapore TeamIE
A farewell gift.
The client told me that I have drawn him before, but that caricature was too plain.
I was puzzled. Is it?
Though my memory is not good, but I can remember quite clearly that I have not seen this face before.:)))
She attached that caricature in the next email.
One glance at it, I can tell it was not done by me.
Different style, and it was done by another caricaturist.
Feedback to her and then she said she was not sure.
Seems like their company went around, trying to use other caricaturists for their other jobs between my previous and current jobs with them.

Anyway, back to this drawing.
She wanted this genteman with their mascot - TeamIE, both standing, with the Bugis Junction building in the background. Straight forward job.

SMS from the client:-
"Tks Jit Leong, the caricature is very nice. Dawn"

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