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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ zoo

The wedding planner's brief:-
"Picture of bride and groom to be drawn. Both in bridal attire but for the background, there has to be an association with Orang utan/zoo (groom used to work in the zoo), and a floral garden (bride works as a florist)."

Followed up with the client's brief: -
"I would like to have caricature of Joshua & I for the front of the invites.

He was the keeper of the Orang Utans at the Singapore Zoo for 7 years and everyone associates him with the orang utan.

I would like only maybe him, me and orang utans in colour and the background black and white?"

Couple wedding caricatures @ zoo A4
The client initially didn't see my portfolio.
Her wedding planner told her about the idea of using caricatures instead of those wedding photos. Anyway, they didn't have their wedding shots.

After they have made a 50% deposit as confirmation of order, she rang me up, saying that this was the first time she knew that Singaporean using caricatures for their wedding invites (though it is quite common to me). And she wanted a 100% satisfaction with the drawing.
My immediate response is - I better refund you the deposit, as I don't know what is your level of satisfaction.
I didn't know she didn't see my portfolio and went straight to confirm her order, until she told me so.
I advised her to take a look first, before deciding to proceed.
I have no issue in refunding her the deposit, as I don't want to stress myself over such requirements/requests.

Later, she called back and told me that please proceed with the order.

Anyway, if you have seen the brief above, you would know that this drawing was not incomplete, but the background was purposedly left uncoloured, as per requested by the client.

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