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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Caricature theme - cooking for girlfriend

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong,
I was running through your website and came across your "growth" from an architect to full fledged artist. Kudos for pursuing your passion!
It's a valentine present but I'm sure we don't mind the wait so your proposed leadtime of 3~4wks is fine.....

the gf >>
She enjoy music immensely, plays the violin, sings exceptionally and
works in branding and PR line. The huge tortoise that she is hugging a
personal fav of her so it would be nice if you could incorporate it.
Oh, as since she is very sensitive to the cold, she has constant habit
of wrapping herself in a . She is into yoga sports wise and likes
korean drama. Another thing, people often mistaken her big eyes as
"staring" inappropriately.
Hope this little description helps.

I enjoy sports, like eating and perform abit of amaturish cooking at
times. I sport a goatee from time to time.....

....sorry, think i missed out a word mentioning her wearing a shawl when talking abt her being sensitive to the cold and all."

Couple caricatures amateur cooking for girlfriend
Since he has nothing specific in mind, I picked the theme of amateur cooking for his girlfriend, and the latter is touched and enjoyed the dish. Gave her a sweater since she's sensitive to cold.:)))

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