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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caricature theme - music conductor

Client's brief:-
"Can I order a caricature drawing from you, I think your drawings are fantastic. Attached are some photos of the 'targeted victim'. He is our concert band conductor, and we wanted a gift of appreciation for him , and I thought what could be better than a custom made one!

Could you use the background for the one with the choir that you drew, but instead of the choir, could you draw people sitting down and playing instrument (no strings, please!). I had attached some pictures of the band for you to draw inspiration as well, ;)

Somewhere in the picture, could you also put a bannner that says,"European Fair, presented by Westwinds, 2009"
Thanks!! "

"Sorry for the trouble again, one last thing, the attire for the band was wrong in the pic I sent earlier, attached is the correct one.. By the way, to make up for all the problems and rush I caused, can I offer you 2 tickets to our concert on this Sunday, 5pm at Esplanade Concert Hall? Do let me know if you and your partner can make it, I will bring the ticket with me when I collect the picture."
Caricature of a music conductor
So kind of her, but I won't be able to attend due to my work schedule.
Thank you! Appreciate it!

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