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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Caricatures for Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Trapped at home this weekend, just to rush these caricatures out.

The client wanted to make them into life-sized mobile stand lee. Some will be displayed in the public hall, while the rest will be in their office.

Noticed that board each caricatures are holding?
They intend to put poster or messages of A3 size on it, whereby they can change the content occasionally. Wondering if when they are blown up to life-sized, the board is A3 size?

The block they are standing on with the slogan of "Great MOMers, Great MOM" was the client's idea, which I think it limited/constrained my freedom in creating different designs for them.

To standardise these 2 block sizes on these 10 caricatures, I cut out 2 card boards as templates. The slogan was typed out using computer and traced over it. It definitely looked better than mu handwriting. Hahaha......

Permanent Secretary - suit and tie only.

Deputy Secretary - suit and tie too.

Labour Relations and Workplace Division - (dressed as demonstrator perhaps?)
holding up a banner or sign that says "No Strikes!"(they deal with employer-employee-union relationships)

Divisional Director, Occupational Safety and Health - battery-operated drill, safety cap and construction worker outfit.

Divisional Director, Work Pass - Orange MOM blazer, work permit and stamp.

Divisional Director, Workplace Policy and Strategy Division - a sign that says "Great Workplace" with a lot of beaming (office) workers behind him?

Division Director, Foreign Manpower Management Division - workers from China and India, and maid in the background.

Manpower Planning and Policy Division - in front of a computer or laptop doing analysis (charts, tables, graphs) to plan for manpower in selected industries (e.g. marine, construction)

Division Director, International Manpower - holding a globe.

Director, Income Security and Policy - Piggy bank with CPF (Central Provident Fund) on it. Notes sticking out from it.

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