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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Perspectives for Accenz

Artist impressions of the interiors of a container, in which the event organiser will do up the place for a seminar held here. The first 2 perspectives were the previews generated based on what they have described to me. However, they changed the design without updating me. Luckily, the changes were not drastic.

Saw the stage, table and the blue backdrop. According to the first meeting, they were there. Walls were white.

I changed the angle captured here, reason being it was captured at a widely distorted angle. The oil drum appeared at the corner of the captured view, and looked being squashed to oval instead of circular shape. At this angle, the oil drum was in the centre. The angle of distortion was not that obvious.
These were the final design.

These 2 scenes looked simple but took long time to render because of the details of the net.
The above perspective (seminar room) took me 6 hours to render at A4 size while the bottom one (registration area) took about 10 hours. Luckily, the result was quite satisfying. At least, the client felt that they were quite close to what they wanted.

I had shifted the oil drum to the centre foreground, to reduce the distortion.
The biohazard logo on the oil drum was done in Freehand, and imported into 3dsmax.
As I can't get the net texture map, I did it in Freehand, opened and edited in Photoshop, and mapped in 3dsmax. The holes were done using opacity map with the black and white inverted net map.

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