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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Green Building perspective outline - BCA job

Took me 3 days to illustrate this A2 size perspective, which answered partly why I didn't blog these few days. Another reason was my internet connection at home kept losing connection with Blogger. I typed in a few paragrapghs, and lost connection. This didn't happen when I blog in my gallery and in-laws home. Must check with Singtel one of these days.
This illustration was not completed yet. i still need to colour, label, layout etc, and the deadline was this Friday. The client initially wanted the vectorillustration, as they wanted to blow this up big for their use on their portal and exhibition etc. However, when they saw my draft, they decided to opt for my hand-drawn version. Though this perspective was very much distorted, they liked it. I had tried modelling in 3dsmax, and just couldn't get this small based tower. Hahaha.... think the perspective must be wrong somewhere, as I did the sketch based on freehand and imagination.
More works to come. Now, I need to colour it on my PC.......

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