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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Caricature live sketching for a birthday party

Initial engaged by the client for 1.5 hour caricature live sketching service. Then the client extended for another 1 hour, due to popular demand. It was a birthday party for his son, Joshua at Singapore Swimming Club. But didn't get to sketch him, as he was more interested in the other games at the party.

My Memory Stick or F717 digital camera started giving me this problemfrom this person onwards. Noticed the background on the left? Repeated image. The caricature part was cut and pasted on. The latter was taken by my P990 handphone.
From the image below onwards, the camera either got memory stick error, or it did not save the image captured. What's 'supergood' was that there was no error message alert. I found out when I did a preview. I gave up, and used my P990 to snap the rest of the photos.

Didn't see the person of the above 3 caricatures in photo? Yes, the images were corrupted.

His son left after being sketched. So father alone in this photo.

This boy even more 'sat'. Left while I was sketching half-way. So I did the rest based on the pencil sketch and imagination.

Her aon gone too.

Don't you think she looked like a doll, in person?

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