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Saturday, March 17, 2007

caricature illustration for a storybook

An order from United States. It was meant for an illustration in the author's book.
This part of the story was about her childhood whereby she woke up one morning, when her brother told her that their grandma was here, not in fact not. The multi-colour quilt was requested by her. Hopefully I got what she wanted.
This softcopy was scanned and supposed to email to her.
But her email address was in my laptop, in which the battery was flattened out, and then my AC adapter was in my gallery. Problems of too many PCs. (now I am blogging from my desktop, with no record of her emails at all!) Thus, I can only email it to her next Monday when I am back to my gallery.
If she liked the caricatures, she may have more illustrations ordered from me for her book.

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