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Friday, March 09, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Institute of Estate Agents D&D 2007

An hour pre-event entertainment held at Hotel Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore.
Expected!!! One snapshot ( the third person drawn) was not saved in my Memory Stick.
After taking that particular shot, I shut down the power of my F717. The screen light was still on. That was an indication of saving problem. Time to consider a new digital camera now.
I had been looking at the Sony Alpha 10. The picture quality was superb, but can only see the preview image (before snaping) through the viewfinder. The salesman told me that it was meant to be a professional SLR camera. In addition, the processor may not be able to display the image faithfully given that the images the camera taking was of 10 megapixel. Hmmm, what about those foolproof camera of 10 megapixel? Why they can support it? Maybe different CCD chipset??!!

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