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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Caricature theme - group cycling

Saw the 2 guys cycling in this caricature for IPM-Asia? One of them had shaved off his moustache. They were the first 2 guys in this drawing. Wait! Can't recognise the guy who had shaved off.
They wanted to give this caricature to their buddy (the guy with glasses and big beard in the drawing) in their cycling group who will be leaving Singapore for good.
The client wanted the same Singapore island concept like the previous caricature, which I felt it was too boring. I proposed to have them in a winding line, cycling, with the landmarks small in the background. The setting was a nature, as they like to cycle to a port in Punggol (from the photos they gave me). The most difficult part in this drawing was those bicycles. Really hate and stressed to draw those structure and wheels.

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