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Friday, March 09, 2007

Green Residential Building illustration for Building & Construction Authority

These illustrations were huge. The top one was about 82cm in width. The bottom one with the labels was about 1.32m in width. The client requested for it, as they will need to blow it up further, for exhibition panels. These will be used for their portal of Green Building too.
The top illustration linework was hand-drawn (constructed) and scanned into Photoshop for rendering, using graphic tablet. The magnified unit was done in 3dsmax, and later edited in Photoshop.
These will be the final artworks, and I really hope so. The client still have to show the management for approval. I had a feeling that they will come back for some changes, given that some many people involved. Each person had their own opinion. If you didn't see me posting this illustrations again, that will be a good news for me.

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