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Friday, February 16, 2007

caricatures for Thome Offshore Management Pte Ltd

They placed the order last Thursday, intended to collect last Sunday. Later, the ship postponed to sail-off date. Thus, I had more time to work on these caricatures. 25 people in all. It was meant to present on this vessel named 'Gas Concorde' when it sailed off this weekend, as a celebration of the conversion of this vessel. The more important people were placed on the foreground, on the land, while the rest on the vessel, as requested by the client. As she can only provide some (very technical) theme for a few people, I decided to take them out, as they are to technically-specific. Moreover, the rest of the group did not have any specific theme, the overall will look quite odd.
I added a thick outline for everyone, more like what you see on Mr Bean's cartoon. The effects turned out quite good. Every caricature stands out well.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. I would like to ask if i want to have such caricatures for Semb Shipyard with 11 people with Semb Shipyard logo and theme title... A2 size glossy lamination, coloured with the softcopy placed in CD..

How much would that cost me? Need it by 15 January.

Kindly advice. Thanks.

jit said...

SGD$40 (US$31)
per person Caricature in pencil with theme - with background & body

11 persons will be $440.

SGD$50 (US$38.50)
per piece A2 size high resolution scanning + burn on cd

SGD$30 (US$23)
per piece A2 size hot lamination

# Same day delivery is (100% extra); 1 ~ 2 days (50% extra); 3 ~ 7days (40% extra); 8 ~ 13days (30% extra), subject to availability.

details here:-

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