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Friday, November 24, 2006

Portraits in colourpencil

Just done!
This is a second from the client who placed an order of 5 portraits in pencil (simple strokes) earlier this month.

Some other portraits in colourpencil done few months back:-

This guy used to be in the same junior college as me - Nanyang Junior College. (He told me.)
He took up Art too, but specialise in Still Life, not portrait.
Hence, he engaged my service to draw a portrait of him and his wife for their weddinng.

The portraits below are meant to be a gift for this couple for their 50th wedding anniversary.
See how this was done, in case you are curious:-

pencil sketch......

Colouring starts with basic shades. (The lighting was not good when this image was captured - looks yellowish)

Darker shades...... with contrast.

Hair done for the gentleman. Now is the lady's turn.

Completed with the patterns of the clothing added in.

Portraits in the frame.

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