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Friday, November 03, 2006

live caricature sketching in my gallery

This guys walked into my gallery today, wanted to do a caricature in ink.
From teh language they spoke, I think they are from Korea, though I don't know Korean. Hahaha.... At least it doesn't sound like Japanese. (I have been drawing lots of caricatures for Japanese in Clarke Quay. Hence, I know a bit of Japanese) I don't understand what they said at all.

Initially only this guy wanted to have his caricature done.

After seeing his friend's caricature, he also wanted one for himself.
This guy spoke Mandarin. That's how we communicated.

This guy who had been standing, watching and filming the sketching process, also wanted to get one done too.

My hand was shivering when inking their caricatures. Why? It was 4pm at that time and I have not taken my lunch.
Fortunately, it was not shown on the drawings.

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