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Monday, November 13, 2006

Portrait in black and white watercolour

This portrait of an Indian lady was done yesterday, just that I don't have time to blog, as I need a few other caricatures to be done.
Hmm... quite blur. I used that Sony H5 to take again. Sigh..... I have sent my Sony F717 for repair yesterday because of that stupid C-13 error.
I don't want it to destroy my other Memory Stick, especially my new 1gb Memory Stick Pro Duo bought 2 weeks ago, with those important data in it.
Sony service centre technician Daniel called me this evening. He's the same guy who repair my same camera last December. (Strange that I have good memory this time?!) He told me that the reason could be due to the dirt within the Memory Stick slot. He has cleaned it, and everything works fine. I should be able to get it back within these few days. Hopefully, it is really alright. I am too sick of the C-13 error.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jit,

I was the one who asked for this portrait done. And it was quite an urgent request too. Funny thing is, I am still keeping it with me. Never got to give it to her. Had a tiff before she left overseas.

Wonder when I will give......

jit said...

Oh, so sad......
Mail it to her then. Give her a surprise.
After so many months, I thhink she should have cooled down.
Good luck.

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