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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My first silhouette cutting event this Saturday

An event company sent me an sms last night, asking whether I do silhouette cutting.
I have done it few years ago, but didn't do it in events, as I like to draw caricatures more.
After some consideration, I took the job.
Today, I will need to get my tool (scissors) and black paper. Haha..... hopefully that event organiser didn't see this post!

And hopefully, (must too!) I can do live shadow cutting this Saturday, after few days practice, given my 10 over years of portrait sketching experience.

Oh ya, tomorrow, 29th Nov 2006, is my 12th year being a portrait artist/caricaturist.
Time really flies, 12 years ago, 29th Nov 1994, I started sketching portrait in Clarke Quay.
I was still studying Architecture in National University of Singapore (NUS) at that time. Hence, I can only work on weekends. I started working as a full-time portrait artist/caricaturist in April 1995 after graduated from NUS. In Dec 1995, I setup PortraitWorkshop. (Alamak, got to renew my business license soon!)

Throughout this 12 years, I experience up and down in my careers. My work location shifted from Clarke Quay (1994 - 1997) , Yishun (1997 - 1998), back to Clarke Quay (1998 - 2003) , Orchard Road (busking from 2003 - 2005) to this current gallery in China Square Food Centre.
In less than 1.5 years time, I will have to move again, sad to say that. This building will be undergoing a major revamp. I will have to search for another location. Any recommendations?
Sigh..... seems like I can never settled down long in one location. Please remember to bookmark this blog and my website to keep track of my work location! Alternatively, you can drop me an email at I will keep you updated once I shift to another location.

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