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Monday, November 20, 2006

Caricatures for Procter & Gamble, Singapore

An urgent job which came in last Thursday, collecting today.

This is a farewell gift to this expat couple leaving Singapore.

The brief given by the client:-
The couple are Chinese nationale and have been in Sing for 1.5 yrs. Likes food, fitness, spends most time between office and home only. Office is located in Novena Square and home is Thomson 800 Condo.
Please incorporate couple in gym attire saving some popular local food, with background of Novena Square, Thomson 800 Condo and and local icons of Merlion.

As Novena Square has 2 towers, I have them in one of the towers, working in the office, while enjoying local food like chilli crabs, chicken noodles, and ice kacang etc.From the windows in their office, there are the other tower of Novena Square, Thomson 800 and the Merlion. I added in the Changi Airport control tower and the Esplanade, to spice up the caricatures.

These are some other caricature jobs done with this company earlier this year. (just digged them out from my folder). Another one here.
All of them are presented as farewell gifts.

This was done in January this year. Due to tight budget, they just have the caricatures drawn.

'Sack and Crack' is what he likes to say.
He's retiring.
He loves smoking cigar and drinking beer.
I have him on a hammock, smoking and drinking.
I think the 'Singapore Go' is one of the projects he has been in charge of.
Can't remember. Too long ago (done in Feb this year).

Driving his Volkswagen Golf, as per requested by the client.
The usual Esplanade and the buildings in CBD (Central Business District) in the background.

This is to show this guy's life before and after his marriage.
These caricatures were done in one A2 size and framed up.
Before his marriage, he's fat, indulged in smoking, drinking, and playing computer games.
After marriage, h's lifestyle is more healthy with his wife. The waterfall setting was requested by the client. The few books written by him were placed next to him.

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