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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Caricature theme - washing and drying

This theme was quite popular in my early days working as a caricaturist in Clarke Quay, Singapore. The original idea starts from this Hong Kong Actor, Stephen Chow being washed and dried under the sun in a movie. Most of my customers saw it and like it very much.

Thus, they are couples who placed order wanted this theme as well . I have the other party washing the clothes. Instead of the washing machine in the movie, I have a more traditional style of washing - using a scrub board. The background will a backyard setting, usually seen in houses in Malaysia - my hometown. Ha!

The client who ordered for this theme ripped the above image form my website, requesting to have the same theme, but changed the guy to be the one who's washing the clothes, and the gal to be hanged up.

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