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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Caricature theme - Royal Wedding

This wedding caricature is used for a wedding invitation card.
Instead of the normal wedding invitation card, this couple wanted to have the theme of a royal wedding, prince and princess on a horse carriage, on a red carpet. Their dog besides them, with a bow tie. People besides the red carpet are waving and cheering for them.
They required many people to fill up the whole drawing. They need a pencil draft preview before the inking and colouring process. They want to make into a TIME Magazine-like invitation card.
Of course, all these extra are chargeable.

Pencil draft.

Inked caricatures.

Caricature artwork in colour.
This is scanned in to make into softcopy for the artwork below.

Invitation card artwork done.
Looks great, right?
They can send for printing straightaway.

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