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Friday, November 24, 2006

Caricature theme - Need a Ride?

This caricature is meant to be done on the 22nd November.
However, it was put aside because of the theft case, and done only yesterday.
I was busy with that guy to take down my artworks on his eBay store.
Thus, this caricature is not posted till today.

This was meant to be a birthday gift for the guy in the caricature, from his girlfriend.
An urgent job. She placed her order on Wednesday, wanted to collect it on Friday, which is his birthday. The theme of this caricature is to illustrate the day they first met, in which the guy in the taxi's passenger back seat, sticking out his head, asking her whether she needs a ride? The date is on the number plate. The cab was supposed to be a yellow top cab, in which the body is black in colour. However, considering that it may look too dull in the caricature, she lets me to decide on the colour scheme.
I started by having a yellow colour for the speech. In order not to have too much yellow, I picked red colour for the taxi, and a blue shirt for him.

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