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Thursday, November 16, 2006

illustrations for games

This are the illustrations on various monsters done using Macromedia Freehand for a game project.

Pencil sketch of the game environment.

Illustration of a shop interior.

These are a breakaway from my continuous drawing of portraits and caricatures these few weeks.
This is one of the reasons why I provide illustrations on my website.
I get different kind of satisfaction in illustrations, as illustrations can vary in styles, subjects and themes. It can be stressful too, especially when the client wants a particular style which I am not familiar with. From another point of view, it can be challenging too, especially when it is done and accepted by the client.
However, I usually charge higher rates for illustrations, as they tend to take up more time. Clients usually needs to see drafts, make changes. It is different from the portrait and caricature which I am so used to them, that I know what the clients expect, and I can draw them faster.

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