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Friday, November 10, 2006

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery Pte Ltd

One of the clients from Asia Pacific Brewery Pte Ltd, just gave me a ring, said that she had a caricatures done by me few years back. Now, she need another group caricatures by early December.
She mentioned that she still have the digital copy of the artwork (see above) I have sent her.
I requested it to be sent to me through email.
Upon opening the email from her, thank goodness that she sent it to me. (This artwork was done on 29th Oct 2003).
I was scratching my head that which company ordered this caricatures, when I am doing my website's client list.
I didn't sort or label my works previously.
I only started it last year. (Hehheh.... I am getting more organised now, except my study room.... It's still in a mess!)

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