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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caricatures for Tourism New South Wales Christmas Card 2006

This is the third order from Tourism New South Wales (Australia) through Mercury Design (They are doing the card design part). They have me illustrated for their Christmas cards in 2003 and 2005.
They used the caricatures in the Christmas card to be sent out to their clients.

The design house listed down these critical elements for me to take note while illustrating:-
- Quadbike
- Sand dunes
- Ship wreck
- Dolphins
- Christmas elements eg. santa hats, holly etc.
- All girls should be wearing same colour t-shirt. Please choose a suitable colour.
- We added a sack with gifts with one of the girls carrying it over her shoulder.
- In the top left corner please add in a sillhoutte of a santa on a sleigh.
- The girls should look youthful! (important!!!)

They even did a sketch for me to follow. This made my work easier, also to avoid any misunderstanding.

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