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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Caricature theme - wedding in Singapore Zoo

This caricature takes me 3 days to finish - of course not non-stop la.
Too many details and too lazy. Haha...
Friday did the pencil sketch and a bit of inking.
Yesterday, inking and a bit of colouring, then laid it on the table.
After attended a wedding dinner, I colour more parts of it.
Finally it was done today! I am getting a bit off-steam lately.
Must buck up. Jobs to be delivered in the next few days are piling up.

This was a wedding gift to these couple from the bride's father.
They are having a wedding at the Singapore Zoo on the 2nd December 2006, this Saturday.
Both of them plays with music, as reflected in the caricatures.
I have the animals playing music with them.
The cobra was dancing with the music.
This was quite a fun theme for a wedding caricature, as I have not drawn before. Thus, I shall foresee more customers requesting such theme very soon.

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