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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Client's brief:-
"Mr Chong,

The design is up to u whether landscape or portrait. Just need to make it NICE or “WOW” will do. I believe in your skill as this is the 2nd time I ordered from u to give as a farewell gift for my boss.

I wish to have 1 person which is the “OC.JPG” as the character , A3 Size with Frame with the main character and all the backgrounds(lightstrike, Guards tab(at the very top followed by Alpha LOG) and the helicopter-Chinook.

I will take on the black background Acrylic base which u recommend.

I will take the engraving with these words( any problems to have all of them ?)

“ Presented to our OC who leads with a Heart of GOLD
We thank you for your Leadership, Understanding and Commitment

Above All

Always Ready

As One Company ”

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces
My SAF clients usually asked for such things like - batches, Chinook and Lightstrike.
Since I have never been to National Service, to play safe, I will usually request for photos from them.
And guess what? Time taken to draw them are always longer than the subject itself, as special attention has to be paid to those details and proportions.

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces in black acrylic frame
Engraving on gold metal plate + sleek black acrylic frame.
This guy must be an important person to them. (the client)

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