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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Caricature theme - Balinese wedding

Client's brief:-
"Please do a portrait for the attached couple who is getting married on 19th June 2009 with following setting, if possible:

1. Set the wedding in Balinese style as they are both Balinese
2. Have them on a plane flying from Bali to US as they will be resettling there after marriage
3. Perhaps some landmarks of Bali and US can be used in the background"

Balinese couple wedding caricatures flying to US
No idea of how Balinese wedding costume looks like.
Googled online, and nearly threw me off the chair.
So complicated.
Good thing was Most of the parts was in gold, with some dark brown.
Only hardwork was in the inking part.

1 comment:

ikads said...

well done. I'm Balinese, and I really love your artwork...

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