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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some cartoon iilustrations.....

Cartoon illustration - Review materials pencil sketch
Cartoon illustration - Review materials pencil sketch (revised 1)
Cartoon illustration  for Daxone Dumex Singapore - Review materials
Cartoon illustration - - meeting with Regulators pencil sketch)
Cartoon illustration for Daxone Dumex Singapore - meeting with Regulators
Cartoon illustration - building relationship pencil sketch
Cartoon illustration - networking revised pencil sketch 1
Cartoon illustration for Daxone Dumex Singapore - building relationship (networking

1 comment:

jit said...

Think I have to state this clearly here:-

If you don't want your drawings to appear on this blog, please don't engage my service.
If every clients requested me to do so, there will be no drawings or portfolio to view here.
You want to view my job for other clients, and yet you don't want yours to be viewed by them.
What a selfish move!
I have already stated clearly that Portrait Workshop reserves the copyrights on my website.
Paying for the artwork doesn't mean that I have sold you the copyrghts.
It is for paying me a fee to illustrate for you.
You are not paying such a low price to buy the copyrights over.
Don't use the legal ways to threaten me.
If I want to play on with you, I will make sure you spend money to get a lawyer to send me a letter, then I will take it off.
I am doing it now because I want to get rid of the flies, who keep checking my blog that when I will take down your company name.
No one will bother about this post, unless you purposely want to search for it.
I will never do any job for your company, and of course you have the rights to look for other illustrators.

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