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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Portraits of 2 ladies in pencil

lady portrait in pencil detail shading 100509
This subject was under the light, but her face was not in the dark.
There was reflected lighting on her face from the surrounding.
(The photo was taken in a shopping mall .)
Her features were not those sharp type, where by the shades could be more distinctive.
That was the challenge here for this job.
I have to vary the shading tones to achieve the 3-dimensional effect, but keeping in mind that I should not overdo it, so that I can achieve the softness, chubbiness and her feminine.
Mainly cross-hatching shading, with some finger-rubbing, then overlay with another layer of crosshatching, with 4B mechanical pencil. Hair and clothes using 8B pencil.

lady portrait in pencil simple sketch 100509
Another order from the same client, but in simple sketch.
More like a preliminary sketch before I do my watercolour and airbrush portraits, to determine the proportion and shading area.

Client's response upon seeing these drawings:-
"Oh, my God! Wow!!!"

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