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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Air Force

Client's brief:-
"We are looking to customise a caricature theme portrait for our boss who will be leaving
us soon. We are from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, flying the Chinook helicopters,

We are intending to have a potrait done in full colour depicting a Chinook helicopter flying
in the background either carrying the National Day Flag or a military vehicle, with our outgoing
Commander somewhere in the foreground.....

As for the framing I will probably need a frame with double layers of mounting borders
with an inscription on a black polished plate, alternatively gold metal plate also will do.

I intend to have people from the office to pen their signatures around the drawing. So
is it possible for the drawing to have sufficient room to cater for that if it were done on
A3 paper or a poster size. The proposed drawing can be seen in the attached file; the
theme is a Chinook helicopter flying with our Boss holding onto the sling of the NDP Flag...."

Caricature for Singapore Air Force
To accomodate the Chinook Helicopter and the flag, together with the subject in one drawing, I think this layout is the only way out, I can think of - bird's eye view, but the Chinook is not really within this view, by right.
But since this is a caricature drawing based on imagination, I think it can go wild or break this boundary, but still looks believable and visually right.

Caricature for Singapore Air Force frame with engraving
The client has a badge and metal engraving plate to be included in the frame, together with the artwork. Hence, this frame is rather huge, even longer than a normal A2 size frame with double mounting border.

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