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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces

"Hi Mr Chong,
I came across your website searching for caricatures done up for SAF personnel, and found on your website post dated 3 Jan '09, a very tastefully done caricature for an OC.

In short, I wish to make a similar order as a farewell gift for my unit Commanding Officer (CO) who is handing over his command on 21st May 09.

Specifications-wise, i would also leave the design up to you whether portrait or landscape, also NICE or "WOW" will do. Likewise, only 1 person as the character ie my CO, 。。。。。

1. Armour logo
2. Signal Unit logo
3. Bionix Tank
4. Bronco vehicle..."

Caricature for Singapore Armed FOrces
The client initially wanted to get the frame and engraving on his own, but eventually came back to me for these services.
He called me right after I collected the engraving metal plate for another job, and it was around 6pm on Saturday. Luckily, the supplier was willing to rush it out for me. No choice... but I have to turn back, though I have already left that place.

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces frame with engraving
Definitely look better with the engraving plate and frame, as compared to the caricature alone.

True enough, the client said:-
"Oh, very very nice!"

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