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Friday, May 29, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Appearance of us:
Please draw Samuel carrying me (attached picture named ‘posture’)

Samuel: White Tuxedo, white shoes
Angela: White Gown, wearing veil, with big diamond ring and bouquet of flowers. Please draw my fringe as this lady’s .......

Car as part of background:
Please draw Samuel’s car as well. It’s a RED Mazda 3 SP version. I have attached most of car’s front and back for you to refer to.

I would prefer to have the car featured like how you drew for OR

Buildings as background:
Please include Eiffel Tower and London Eye as background

....Don’t know if it’s too late, I forgot to let u know his car plate no:
SGW 7705 A"

Couple wedding caricatures Mazda 3 London Eye Eiffel Tower
School holiday = wedding season?
Getting quite a number of wedding caricature orders recently.

Email from the client:-
"Dear Jit,

Thank you very much for the drawing.
My husband likes it very much.

Thanks & regards,

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