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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Caricature for Mastercard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

In fact, this client placed order for this caricature first (few weeks ago).
But the previous one was a more urgent job, as they are having a farewell dinner for that boss.
After finishing that, I proceed with the final stage of this caricature - inking and colouring.

Client's brief:-
"Please find attached a photo. It is the gentleman we want you to draw. The caricature can show him at Ju Jia Jiao which is a water village outside Shanghai. Please also incorporate the "Great Wall of China", "Din Tai Fung" Dumpling House in Taipei, China Unionpay logo.....
Please also incorporate pictures of these MasterCard cards in the picture, maybe he could be holding them or thinking about them flying away since he's retired. Could you draw the watch on his left hand showing the MasterCard logo and the word "PayPass", with the keyring hanging out of his pocket. Could you also please draw him holding a packet of beef jerky in one hand and putting a piece in his mouth with the other.... "

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 1)
First draft.

Her feedback:-
"Thanks for the draft. Please:
1. remove the beef jerky from Mr Fung's mouth, instead please drawn him holding a packet (with beef jerkey written on the bag) in his hand (not raised);
2. draw in the great wall of china in the background."

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 2)
Not much hiccups with this job.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 2 with colour scheme)
Continue with the colour scheme.

Caricature of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung pencil sketch
Deatiled pencil sketch - passed.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung in ink and brush
Inking - passed.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung in colour
Final with the colouring.
Job done!

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